ALS Stec

Universal Models

All of our Universal Models effectively slit Logs of:
Foams, Non-Woven Textiles, Rubber, PVC, Coated Materials and Many More

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S-Tec Models Available
ALS 2×2
ALS 300
ALS 500
ALS 600
ALS 700
ALS 425

ALS S-Tec Slitters

The ALS S-Tec automatic roll slitter effectively slits logs of: foam, rubber, cork, non-woven textiles, graphite, vinyl, technical tapes, pressure sensitive tapes, self-adhesive materials, foil, PVC, graphite, cork, coated materials, polyester, polyethylene and many other similar materials.

The S-Tec is ideal for tape distributors and converters

Compact design for easy installation

The S-Tec is a versatile machine which uses a hydraulic slitting action and a servo indexing system for accurate slitting. This cost effective model incorporates many of the features of the advanced Sibtec model however it is more compact and uses a simpler control system. Changeover between jobs is kept to a minimum.


  • Diameter: 300, 425, 500, 600, 700mm 12” 16.7” 20” 24” 28”
  • Working width: 1650 / 1800 / 2100mm 63” 72” 83”
  • Core size: 25mm – 152mm 1” – 6”
  • Indexing tolerance: +/- 0.05mm
  • Electrical specification – To suit local supply

Universal Level Features

  • Full colour Touch screen and PLC control with large memory capacity to store cutting parameters for each product; blade/mandrel speed and directions, 3 variable cutting rates through the material and core, cut widths and blade angles, grinder frequency, spraying frequency, batch counter etc
  • Cycle time, batch timer and cuts per minute displayed on screen
  • Ability to cut up to 4 different widths per cycle
  • Heavy duty blade grinder with deburr facility programmed via the touch screen
  • Brushless servo motor for indexing
  • Driven or free rotating blade, braked blade if required
  • Automatic blade angle setting
  • Automatic roll gripping
  • Twin sprayer system with injector cleaning
  • Powered mandrel support for fast loading and unloading
  • Fault diagnostics with network connection for remote assistance
  • Automatic blade protector for safe loading and unloading of material
  • Heavy duty interlocked guarding
  • Stainless steel drip and splash trays to prevent corrosion
  • Operator friendly control system
  • Screen language selection